Why did we start C-Major Medical?

The very short answer was simply to help a friend in need.

My friend and colleague was a serial inventor & had been approached by an entrepreneur to design and patent a safe syringe to prevent injuries to healthcare workers. The entrepreneur provided the finance and the specification for the syringe. This design had subsequently been completed, patents granted, a deal signed with a multinational medical device company and payment was now somewhat overdue. Unfortunately, this individual went on to be sectioned due to mental illness and so my friend, who was not commercially minded, had no idea what to do to find out if and when he would get payment for all his hard work.

I said I would do what I could and persuaded 2 close friends to assist me so we could pool our resources. What we discovered was not encouraging, the deal with the company had been severed because of the businessman’s behaviour and most of the patents had lapsed due to non-payment of renewal fees. We managed to get the patents resurrected, paid the necessary fees & set up C Major Medical as the vehicle for this enterprise. Unfortunately, again, after extensive market research we established that the brief provided to my friend was flawed and thus the designs and patents were of no commercial value! However, our market research also showed that the problem of injuries to healthcare workers was far from solved and indeed the problem was continuing to get worse. There was a great market need for new devices.

We then had a choice to make- did we stop  and say sorry we have done all we reasonably could, or did we say to this very elderly and unwell guy (and his wife) who still needed help that we would carry on because it be great to make a difference to the lives of millions of healthcare workers who are exposed every working day to the risk of serious illness from injuries from syringes/needles?

We decided to carry on and try to leave behind a legacy when we retire. Now after many man years with very little pay or expenses and investing more than £200,000 cash between us, we have been able to raise £1.5Million, get worldwide patents granted on a completely new concept that can be used to make many different types of safe devices, had successful hospital user feedback trials and are getting ready to set up manufacture. We are now seeking £250,000 from anyone who also want to help us to make working lives safer for all those who can suffer these needlestick injuries (nurses, doctors, cleaners, waste disposal staff, emergency services and others).

After all absolutely no one in any line of work should be faced with a needlestick injury and the possible ramifications of that injury

We would love to hear from you if you care about our frontline workforce and are interested in contributing to our cause.

If we can raise the funds and awareness, we envision a healthy return on investment and additionally make a safer workplace for millions of people.

If you want to know more please DM us or visit our website www.cmajormedical.com

Best wishes

Steve Dobson

Commercial Director