I truly believe that C-Major has a potential product that could reduce occuptational exposures to infection pathogens, as well as providing a safer healthcase environment for both healthcase workers, patients and their visitors.

Amber Mitchell, DrPH, MPH, CPH

President / Executive Director - International Safety Center, Florida USA

The Global Auto-Retractable Syringe Market is forecast to grow from $1.92 Billion in 2022 to $3.50 Billion in 2029

Market Reports World

Global Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe Market 2023-2029

I got an NSI when the foot of the fireman standing next to me slipped and jogged my arm. The following three months waiting for results was the worst time of my life. I really wish I could have been using a device like yours.

Advanced Paramedic

North West Ambulance Service U.K.

Introducing the world’s safest syringe and blood collection systems

Created to reduce needle stick injuries and contaminating aerosols.

The problem of Needle Stick Injuries (NSI’s) is well-known throughout medical practice worldwide. However, despite nearly three decades of work and legislation in the USA, Europe, and other countries, incidents of NSI’s have not fallen as fast, or as far as was hoped.

C-Major Medical was established with the sole purpose of developing a new range of safety devices that will enable hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners everywhere to prevent NSI’s.

C-Major Medical has developed and patented a core technology, CHoRDTM, which is at the centre of the world’s safest syringes (pre and operator-filled), and blood-collection systems. This technology has been developed to reduce NSI’s and contaminating aerosols.

The range includes a blood collection device which utilises standard blood collection tubes, but also allows the needle to be safely retracted after use, and an auto-retracting safety syringe, which in addition to injections, will be able to be used for aspiration (taking a sample of body fluid).

C-Major Medical’s devices prevent NSI’s as they are designed to be simple and flexible for clinicians to use, which is a key requirement of any safety device.

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