Key Achievements to date

  • Patent of Retraction Mechanism granted in all target markets – USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and 15 European Countries (including UK).
  • Patent of Adaptor Concept to decant aspirant granted in USA, Taiwan, Japan, and 13 European Countries (including UK).
  • High level NEDs recruited with directly relevant safe syringe expertise.

  • UK Practitioner input and user trials throughout the development with advice and proactive support from USA Key Opinion Leaders (Karen Daley and Dr Amber Mitchell).
  • 3 significant Grants previously awarded by Innovate UK – matched funds raised and all projects delivered on time and on budget.
  • Investment to Date from Founders, Private Investors, Grants and UKI2S.
  • Seed fund UKI2S have invested in 3 rounds.
  • Design for manufacture phase completed. This phase has been partially funded by one of the Innovate UK grants. The company is now preparing for regulatory approval in both the USA and Europe.

There is an Unmet Need in the Safety Device Market

  • Auto-Retractable devices are the safest and premium price products
  • Annual sales of auto-retracting syringes for injection only exceed $1Bn
  • Aspiration is the riskiest procedure for potential transfer of infection from an NSI
  • There is no auto-retracting syringe on the market for aspiration
  • The potential market in this area has a value of approximately $100 million

Why C-Major Medical’s Concept is different

The C-Major Medical product has a set of features that are not available on any auto-retracting syringe currently on the market. This enables it to be used for aspiration and all the procedures where standard non-safe syringes are currently used.

The use of a Patented Platform Technology will also allow the company to produce an auto-retracting version of a tube holder which can be used with standard vacuum blood collection tubes. This is another area of the market which is currently under-served. The technology could also in the future be used in other areas of the market such as pre-filled syringes.

The key features are:

Suitable for aspiration

Suitable for Intra-venous injection

Anti-splutter retraction control

Uses standard Needles and Needle can be changed.

The table below shows the C-Major Medical Design Features for aspiration compared to the other safety solutions currently on the market. Only the C-Major Medical design can offer all the detailed features and benefits, which will bring extended safety into the riskiest of procedures.

FeatureBenefitClipsSheathsManual Retraction Cmajor
Auto-RetractionSafest to prevent NSI’s
Anti-SplutterInfection Control✗ / ✔
Device can be emptied after it has been made safeSafety✗ / ✔
Avoid need to put hand near needleSafety✗ / ✔
Can be made safe at any time Safety
Safety Feature does not impede visibilitySafety
One Handed Safety Activation Safety✗ / ✔

The following products are referred to in the table



Manual Retraction


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