What is the Cost of Needle Stick Injuries?

The problem of Needle Stick Injuries is well known, yet the true costs of them are often hidden. The purchasing department will be under pressure to keep the costs of disposable medical devices to a minimum, yet the consequential costs are not visible to them.

Only the senior management of a facility can see the true ‘cost’ of using some devices as apposed to the ‘price’, but it is rarely considered.

When a staff member has an NSI there are direct costs, such as cost of testing and the removal of the staff member from frontline duties whilst the testing is completed. If, as unfortunately is too often the case, the employee has been infected then the costs rise dramatically as legal bills and payment of compensation are very high.

But there are other costs

At a time when there is a shortage of trained staff, retaining staff is crucial. If staff feel unsafe this can be a factor in the decision to leave. Providing safer devices can be a large indication of how the management feel about workplace safety, and can boost staff morale and retention.

All medical facilities are busy places and staff are regularly under stress, which in turn can increase the chances of NSI’s occurring. Using safer devices can reduce that stress.

Using safer devices can lead to lower, insurance costs, either through reduced premiums or self-insurance payments.

So do you know the real cost of purchasing your disposable sharp devices?

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