A start-up company with a big mission

Market Information confirmed by opinions of medical practitioners, shows that despite legislation in all the major healthcare systems around the globe, and many ‘safety’ products being introduced, the number of Needle Stick Injuries is not reducing.

C-Major’s mission is to introduce new products into the market which will really impact the lives of all the people who are vulnerable to the possibility of a Needle Stick Injury. In addition to medical staff, this can include cleaners, waste disposal staff, and in some cases patients and their relatives.

Out of the box thinking

Although the C-Major founders are not from a medical background, this has been an advantage as they have been able to use their skills built un in other industries to evaluate the issues and to bring ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ to the issue. They have been helped and supported by a number of advisors from within the medical device industry to ensure that the resulting solution brings an innovative solution to this truly global problem.