With the safety of healthcare staff in mind, C-Major Medical is developing products based on our innovative and unique patented approach to the safe retraction of needles. Our first two products will be a range of Retractable Syringes (DUETTM) and a Blood Collection Tube Holder (UNISONTM).

Our Controlled Helical Retraction Device (CHoRDTM) contains a patented ‘Helical track’ mechanism for controlled acceleration of the needle during retraction and ‘Sealed Port’ to minimize splutter and to allow for aspirated fluid containment.  CHoRDTM based products have significant benefits not seen in other 'safety' devices. 

DUETTM controlled retractable syringe

A retractable safety syringe that can be used for both aspiration and injection

The standard size CHoRDTM is used to produce a full range of sizes of syringes from 0.5ml to 50ml.

The DUET syringe can be used for all the same medical procedures as standard non-safe syringes, including aspiration and intra-venous injection whilst bringing all the benefits of the CHoRDTM


        A working model of the C-Major Medical DUET safety syringe


UNISONTM controlled retractable Blood Collection Tube Holder

C-Major Medical have also designed a holder which can be used with standard Vacuum Blood Collection tubes which incorporates the CHoRDTM so that the needle can be safely retracted as soon as the blood collection proceedure is finished with all the CHoRDTM benefits.                                                                                                                                       The Unison Blood Collection Tube holder