Key Achievements to date

  • Proof of Concept Grant from Technology Strategy Board. Grant matched by Private Investors and  project delivered on budget and on time.
  • Patent of Retraction Mechanism granted in all target markets – USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and 15 European Countries (including UK).
  • Patent of Adaptor Concept to decant aspirant granted in UK, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe. (To be migrated to country level). Published in USA.
  • High level NEDs recruited with directly relevant safe syringe expertise.

  • UK Practitioner input and user trials throughout the development with advice and proactive support from USA Key Opinion Leaders (Karen Daley and Dr Amber Mitchell).
  • Investment Accelerator Grant from Innovate UK – Grant matched by UKI2S (Seed Fund) and project delivered on budget and on time.
  • Investment to Date from Founders, Private Investors, Grants and UKI2S.
  • Seed fund UKI2S have invested in 2 rounds – likely to invest in future rounds.

There is an Unmet Need in the Safety Device Market

  • Auto-Retractable devices are the safest and premium price products
  • Annual sales of auto-retracting syringes for injection only exceed $1Bn
  • Aspiration is the riskiest procedure for potential transfer of infection from an NSI
  • There is no auto-retracting syringe on the market for aspiration
  • The potential market in this area has a value of approximately $100 million

Why C-Major Medical’s Concept is different

The C-Major Medical product has a set of features that are not available on any auto-retracting syringe currently on the market. This enables it to be used for aspiration and all the procedures where standard non-safe syringes are currently used.

The use of a Patented Platform Technology will also allow the company to produce an auto-retracting version of a tube holder which can be used with standard vacuum blood collection tubes. This is another area of the market which is currently under-served. The technology could also in the future be used in other areas of the market such as pre-filled syringes.

The key features are:

Suitable for aspiration

Suitable for Intra-venous injection

Anti-splutter retraction control

Uses standard Needles and Needle can be changed.

The table below shows the C-Major Medical Design Features for aspiration compared to the other safety solutions currently on the market. Only the C-Major Medical design can offer all the detailed features and benefits, which will bring extended safety into the riskiest of procedures.

FeatureBenefitClipsSheathsManual Retraction Cmajor
Auto-RetractionSafest to prevent NSI’s
Anti-SplutterInfection Control✗ / ✔
Device can be emptied after it has been made safeSafety✗ / ✔
Avoid need to put hand near needleSafety✗ / ✔
Can be made safe at any time Safety
Safety Feature does not impede visibilitySafety
One Handed Safety Activation Safety✗ / ✔

The following products are referred to in the table



Manual Retraction


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