What Users want to prevent Needle-Stick Injuries


C-Major Medical's design concept was based upon user input - the key design criteria were

  • Must be able to replace exactly what can be done with a standard simple syringe, i.e. Able to choose from a range of needles, able to change the needle after drawing up the injectant and the ability to use the syringe to aspirate
  • Must be able to be made safe at any time without the clincian needing to use a second hand or change hand position
  • Must not create other hazards such as splutter, drips etc
  • Must be intuitive to use to minimise extra training
  • Must not be significantly more expensive than current standard syringes



Other sources of information support these design concepts - the main ones are:-​​

a) American Nurses Association- Independent Study Module Needle-stick Safety and Prevention

b) 2008 Study of Nurses Views on Workplace Safety and Needle-stick Injuries ANA

c) RCN Guidance to support implementation of EU Directive

d) OSHA evaluation form for safety needle/syringe